Monday, 12 December 2005

Purple Cow

I call my mum to ask her about the perfume. I know she likes it and it was on sale and her bottle was near the end a few months ago. So, what if she bought another one? That's why I called her.
- Mum, I bought a new bottle of Kenzo flowers for ya. Do you still use Kenzo? Did you buy a new one since last time we spoke about it?
- Oh! Yes! My bottle is near the end!! Oh! Yes! I still use it! But... no... don't worry about me. Don't need to send me anything.
My blood boils, what should I say to this? What? Should I stick her present in my ass? Should I give it to someone in need? Who's in need of a fancy perfume? Should I send it to Africa?
I decide to be honest and ask her what I should do with it since I bought it already. I hear the echo of my own voice due to the distance. My own voice irritates me, don't know why. It's less confident than the one I hear inside my head. It's less melodic than the one I record every so often in my home studio. I'm talking to my mum, that's it. It reminds me of a poem I read in the Robert Anton Wilson's The Illuminatus! Trilogy, written by Gelett Burgess:

I never saw a purple cow
I never hope to see one
But I'll tell you this anyhow:
I'd rather see than be one

Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Throw him around!!

Friday, 25 November 2005



Are you saying the Pope is a drug dealer?

The biggest drug laundromat ever busted in this country was the World Finance Corporation in Miami. The president and several other senior executives were convicted. Two directors of the bank were allegedly former CIA agents, but the prosecutors were blocked in Washington when they tried to investigate the connections between the bank and the CIA.
In any case, the WFC had all this money going into it from South American countries that are in the cocaine business, and they sent it to the CIS Alpine Bank in the Bahamas, which is owned by Archbishop Marcinkus who runs the Vatican Bank, which is where the money ended up. After that it's in a black hole, it disappears from human vision forever, most likely ending up in Swiss bank accounts. The profits from this go towards keeping those dictators in power, maintaining the secret police and the death squads.
After the second world war, Liccio Gelli was shrewd enough to start an escape route for Nazi war criminals, getting them to South America for a fee, giving them new identities, and complete cover. He kept in touch with them as they found jobs as organizers of the death squads, doing the same sort of things they did in the '40s, only now they're doing it for Ronald Reagan and the money is going into the Vatican Bank. Obviously you can't run a church on just Hail Marys.
The only reason cocaine is illegal is because there's so much money to be made out of it while it's illegal. If it were legal, the prices would go way down.


Full interview:

We love Robert Anton Wilson

Tuesday, 15 November 2005


Bullying is epidemic says the newspaper today. Violence is the norm and the law seems to reinforce it. Last week, bullied teenager Tommy Kimpton, who beat his best friend Ben Williams to death with a pool cue, was found not guilty of his murder. The jury cleared Kimpton after 21-year-old Williams had teased him about his weight, thick glasses and big ears.

But my theory, which reflects my own experience in this case, was confirmed by a second story in the news today. Danielle Price was battered by a gang of girl bullies hours after two school prizes for her outstanding work in German and Humanities. Nose bleeding, eyelid split and eyes swollen up, cuts and bruises all over, she looked pretty bad. Jealousy drives people mad.

I remember my dullest experience of being bullied as if it was today but back then I could not connect the fact that I enjoyed learning with the violence I was exposed to. Left my childhood home when I was 10, moving to our new apartment in central Sao Paulo, 2 minutes walk from Avenida Paulista, one of the most beautiful avenues I have ever seen, wide, busy colourful and very cosmopolitan. My neighbours were richer, evil, and full of themselves.
Back to school: there I was, 11 years old, listening attentively to my math teacher. He was fabulous. Umberto was his name. He drew a square on the board, scribbled some crazy details on it and said it was the number machine. It was designed to make numbers and we were supposed to guess what comes out of it.
So, if A is any number, how can we make even numbers? He asked. Nobody said anything. Well, you add A+A, there you go, you get an even number. So, how can we make odd numbers?
I answered without thinking: A+A+1. Truly without thinking. Fucking simple question that was. We were 11 years old, bloody hell, and I was already thinking of shagging Jordan Knight from the New Kids on the Block. There’s nothing special about a simple illustration in the very beginning of a lesson. He was just preparing our little silly minds to the much more complicated equations ahead. The fact is that nobody was present. They were there, physically present in that uncomfortably formal classroom, but they were numb and bored.
Umberto looked at me surprised, and said that no one ever answered that question in the 28 years he had been teaching math at Assuncao. I got some extra point or something like that. Some kind of reward. Bollocks.
Roberta Schurman was her name. Fucked up teeth, long straight blond hair and a very irritating voice, that’s as far as I can recall. Her family is internationally known as sailors, world travelers. They have been everywhere, from the North Pole to India on board of their fucking boat, or ship, whatever. For some reason, jealousy maybe, she hated me. Later on in our volleyball lesson, after math, she made some stupid joke about me being the last generation of the Daunt family. At that time I wasn’t really aware of the value of my family tree so I ignored her, a bit puzzled. Daunt family, so what?
Break time, she told our fellow classmates she would be smashing my head on the floor, inviting everyone to join her. In a couple of minutes there was 200 kids shouting “beat her, beat her” all walking towards me, in some kind of medieval revival.
I tried to walk away, slowly, but they eventually reached me and she kicked me twice in the leg and pathetically grabbed my hair, just the way most girls do. I kicked her back, once maybe and for some reason the “fight” stopped. Hahaha. Brazilian style. 6 seconds anger. The coordinator took us both to her office to clarify the situation and I cried compulsively, making them feel sorry for me. She got some kind of punishment and I got the sympathy from teachers and colleagues.
No, I didn’t leave any deep emotional scar. I’m just comparing bulling styles. Fights in English schools are more violent and people tend to fight back more often than us. Brilliant. Pride is an illness that I manage to keep distance.
These kind of jealous reactions still happen to people around me and now I feel great when it happens. I interpret it as a compliment. Hassle me, please. Make it clear you are fucking jealous. I love bullies. There are few things that make me feel better than a whole group against me. I think to myself “Well done, Debbie. You don’t have this ridiculous hive mentality and these poor people are just confirming you are an individual, a whole separate entity, and paradoxically, much more part of the whole.”
I really wish you have the power to believe in yourself, making of those worst experiences the confirmation of your individuation. That’s evolution.

As Nelson Mandela said:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness,
that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I
to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
who are we not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about
shrinking so that other people won’t
feel insecure around you.
You were born to make manifest
the glory of God.
That is within us.
It’s not just some of us; it’s in everyone.
And as we let our light shine,
we unconsciously
give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.

Saturday, 12 November 2005

More quotes

Yeah, more Literary crack cocaine. Yeah, I have nothing to say at the moment. Luckily.

Where love rules, there is no will to power, and where power predominates, love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.
Carl Jung, "On the Psychology of the Unconciousness", 1917

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.
Carl Jung

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.
Carl Jung

Thursday, 3 November 2005

From another deoxy activist

This is a warning of what happens to spirit when it becomes divorced from its soul pairing, when it ceases to find its reflection in soul - and loses it. It becomes the solitary heroic rational ego which deludes itself into believing that there is no soul. It creates a correspondingly delusional world for itself which, deprived of its connection with a personal and personified counterpart, opens on to the soul's depths, as abysmal as deep space and as impersonal as the subatomic realm.

In our modern society the image and mythic process has been taken over by corporations that directly control advertising and, indirectly, the entertainment industry. Powerful erotic images are used for the sole purpose of selling consumer products; the side effects of this commercialization have a profound impact on the sexual imagination and identity of vast numbers of people. The Armored Knight of the 20th Century.

There Are No Reasons
Journey Into Savagery

Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us. Justice William O. Douglas Link

Quote of the day

"If you think you know what the hell is going on, you're probably full of shit."

Robert Anton Wilson

Tuesday, 1 November 2005

The Revolution of Everyday Life

"People are bewitched into believing that time slips away, and this belief is the basis of time actually slipping away. Time is the work of attrition of that adaptation to which people must resign themselves so long as they fail to change the world. Age is a role, an acceleration of "lived" time on the plane of appearances, an attachment to things."

by Raoul Vaneigem


Friday, 7 October 2005

Kate Moss

I agree 100% with Oscar Wilde's opinion that "seriousness is the only refugee of the shallow". It would probably be boring to describe here the dumb excuses people around me give in order to get what they want or justify their behaviour, and ever more useless to illustrate Oscar Wilde's quote with real life experiences since if you don't agree with the quote you probably hide yourself behind seriousness and if you agree with it, you know what I'm talking about.

Well, let us comment on Kate Moss cocaine episode. Coked up wankers gather around for one more line of coke, just like most of yuppies in London do on a Friday night. One of them gets a camera phone, film it and send it to another coked up journalist/wanker who collects opinions from all the other coked up bastards who works with him/her and prints all that pile of shit for everyone else to slag her.
Then the main coked up director of S&M decides she is not suitable for the job and some other coked up directors decide to follow.

Next week, drunk lads, coked up journalist, dope heads and all the rest meet up and discuss what she should do, or should have done in order to "sort out her life". haha. Human Beings. Their arses are too far from their eyes...

Sunday, 25 September 2005

My turn

"When in Rome, do like the Romanians" - Paula Daunt

Thursday, 15 September 2005

I have been really busy...

but this blog is one of those that can be read regardless of the date. There is loads to read, some interesting book recommended... I'll be back soon, but the amount of work I have at the moment is unreal. Thankfully!! See you soon. X

Sunday, 4 September 2005

Capitalist Pyramid

Saturday, 3 September 2005


Would you like to pay by personal check, or credit card? Money order, cash up front, put it on lay-away, financing and no money down? Automatic withdrawals to pay off the bank loans, college loans, Visa and Mastercard debt, State and Federal taxes, rent and food and health "care," a thousand banalities that keep you running like a hamster in a wheel between the classroom and the sucky job and the marriage altar, the freeway and the office and the corporate golf course meeting? Death on the intsallment plan, or all at once like a stockbroker mid-life crisis suicide on the next Black Monday?

Or would you really like something else, something altogether different? Would you like not to pay at all, never to pay again for land and food and even water? 100% off, everything MUST go! Have you ever had a dream in which everything was free, and you could eat whatever you wanted and go wherever you wanted and do anything you wanted? Have you ever wanted to have enough of everything that you could share freely with everyone else, without worrying about spending your resources "efficiently" and "responsibly"? Ever wated to quit being responsible for one moment and just do what your heart demands?

What "insurance" could you buy that would keep you safer than living in a world where people actually cared about each other?

Perhaps you should find yourself some like-minded friends, stop talking about how bad traffic was and start discussing tactics. Or swear to yourself that you will never, ever again do anything but chase your wildest dreams, every moment of your life. Or buy yourself a liter of gasoline and a bottle. It could be your last purchase ever.




Friday, 2 September 2005

Latina Americana

So happy I am. Got a place in a higher education course for free again, got money, loads of jobs on the way… One agency nominated me Casual Tactical Field Representative. Great! After a mind numbing session of television or in the mornings, I feel so lucky to be of so much value for England! They give me jobs, education, opportunities! Fabulous! There is so much money here! They are so fucking organized! Bollocks. For years and years, gold, sugar and all forms of energy were brought from South America to Europe, and now we are here, asking for fucking opportunities. Yeah. That’s how I think at night, eyes wide open, aware that our consciousness go back thousands of years. Politics, bla bla bla.

I’m gonna scramble their minds till they faint.

Mike sent me a very interesting text:

And I chose my favourite bits:

“Perhaps Latin Americans shouldn’t adopt the contemporary European behavior. Maybe it’s the contemporary Europe that must adopt and adapt to this philosophy, and underdevelop a little... They’d be... well, more humane.”

“Latin Americans find it very difficult to be accurate. It’s highly advisable to double-check the informations they provide. Especially when they provide obviously fantastic attributions, because, when in doubt, Latin Americans prefer fantastic features. It’s a poetic vocation. So enjoy it.”

“For Latin Americans there’s no salary or profit worth enough to substitute their joy or dolor of life. For Latin Americans the behavior of tragic heroes is an everyday vocation.”

“The Imperial Spanish leadership convinced those who would eventually become Latin Americans that they belonged to a unified empire. As much as the leaders of the United States have convinced their people that they belong to a unified empire. Contemporary Latin American leaders haven’t convinced anyone that they belong even to a provincial region. That’s why it’s so difficult in Latin America to engage in any collective enterprise.”

“The Cuban Revolution gratifies the anti-U.S. sentiment lingering in every Latin American, but it offends the Liberal democratic ideals that linger in every Latin American too. It’s an inclement choice, like Sophie’s. It’s not easy to be a Latin American.”

“The European visitor in our America finds in it a number of Western republics that support Western culture. He finds also aspects and areas of backwardness, but it is Western backwardness, it corresponds to forms that precede Western culture; in the worst of cases, the visitor has the sensation of being on a trip to a suburb or a colony, not to an alien condition. If the European visitor settles in our America, he begins to see and feel something strange, unexpected, impossible to define, incalculable in the behavior and the purposes of these people; it is something that is alien and foreign to the cultural horizon of this European. Friends — even the closest, whose thoughts, emotions and purposes are clear in the ordinary Western communication, who are usually cordial in assurance and confidence — can become opaque, enigmatic, impenetrable, totally alien. Later on they recover their “normality,” with no explanation for these unpredictable changes they suffered just a moment ago. What is that? Who is that? (J. M. BriceƱo Guerrero, 1994:221).”

Sunday, 28 August 2005

Maybe is just my imagination,

but some drug users look at me as if I was some kind of puritan, or as if I was secretly condemning them. Bloody hell!! I played around with illegal substances for quite a while, enough to realize their function in my system. I think I don't need them anymore, really. I'm deeply happy without common hard drugs, but if you need them to function in society I would say: DO IT!
If you are miserable, socially shy or anything like it without alcohol, for instance, why should you live badly without it? Found a very illustrating text on deoxy:
I suspect these drug users who clearly avoid being surrounded by healthy people must think the world thinks and acts like they would in the same situation, like the guy who was addicted to coffee. He fought his vice and now preaches that everyone should stop drinking coffee. Screaming looney, annoying people on cafes at breakfast time. I don't get it.
No. I don't care if you take drugs or not. I quite like the company of dysfunctional people. It's much more inspiring than middle-class Phil Collins lovers. Please let me stay!! No, thanks. I don't want a spliff...

Saturday, 27 August 2005

Friedrich Nietzsche quotes

"Growth in wisdom may be exactly measured by decrease in bitterness"

"There is an old illusion-it is called good and evil."

"Under peaceful conditions the militant man attacks himself."

"Those who are slow to know suppose that slowness is the essence of knowledge"

"Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings - always darker, emptier and simpler."

"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.

Do you like quotes? Get more at:

I love quotes!! They are for literature what crack is for drugs, and chocolate for food: fast energy. But sometimes they can cause similar damage...

What I like like the most about TV is the test card

Tuesday, 23 August 2005

The Field - Science of the miraculous.

I'm reading a fabulous book called The Field by Lynne McTaggart. It tells the story of a group of frontier scientists who discovered that the Zero Point Field - an ocean of subatomic vibrations in the space between things - connects everything in the universe, much like the Force in Star Wars.
The Field offers a radically new view of the way our world and our bodies work. The human mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment, but a packet of pulsating energy constantly interacting with this vast energy sea.
The Field creates a picture of an interconnected universe and a new scientific theory which makes sense of 'supernatural' phenomena.

"I think this is an important book and should be widely read. It stretches the imagination, making a good case that we are on the verge of another revolution in our understanding of the universe - perhaps even greater than the one that heralded the Atomic Age." Sir Arthur C Clarke

It's amazing to feel something for years and then find out that scientists are now full of explanations for it, and we are not marginals anymore. We are connected, "God" is everything, light is all we need, we are made of energy, life is fair...

Check her website for more info:

Sunday, 21 August 2005

"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music"

Angela Monet

A buon intenditor poche parole.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

Tryptamine Hallucinogens and Consciousness

[...]To search expectantly for a radio signal from an extraterrestrial source is probably as culture bound a presumption as to search the galaxy for a good Italian restaurant. And yet, this has been chosen as the avenue by which it is assumed contact is likely to occur. Meanwhile, there are people all over the world - psychics, shamans, mystics, schizophrenics - whose heads are filled with information, but it has been ruled a priori irrelevant, incoherent, or mad. Only that which is validated through consensus via certain sanctioned instrumentalities will be accepted as a signal. The problem is that we are so inundated by these signals - these other dimensions - that there is a great deal of noise in the circuit. [...]

Italian Giancarlo Neri created

a huge table and chair, on display on Hampstead Heath, my favourite London 24 hour forest. Went there the other day and took this picture. Hope you can feel how amazing it is. Found some interpretations on the BBC website.
To me it is al about sensation, big and small, and the psychedelic vision suddenly refreshing the spirit. Really nice, indeed.

Monday, 15 August 2005

More Fernando Pessoa

"To speak is to show too much consideration for others. It's when they open their mouths that fish, and Oscar Wilde, are fatally hooked."


Two more:

"I've reached the point where tedium is a person, the incarnate fiction of my own company"

"The outer world exists like an actor on a stage: it's there but is something else."

Saturday, 13 August 2005

"Whenever they can, they sit opposite a mirror.

While talking to us, they look at themselves with infatuated eyes. Sometimes, as happens to people in love, they lose track of the conversation. They always liked me, because my adult aversion to my physical appearance made me automatically turn my back to whatever mirror I found. And so they treated me well, for they instinctively recognized that I was the good listener who would always let them show off and have the pulpit.
As a group they weren't so bad; as individuals, some were better and some were worse. They had tender and generous feelings that an observer of average behaviour would never expect, mean and petty attitudes that a normal human being would hardly imagine. Pathetic, envious and self-deluded - that sums them up, and the same words would sum up whatever part of this milieu has infiltrated the work of worthy men who happened to get caught for a time in its mire.[...]
Some are witty, others have nothing but wit, and still others don't exist. Cafe wit may be divided into jokes about those who are absent and jibes at those who are present. This kind of wittiness is known elsewhere as mere vulgarity. There's no greater proof of an impoverished mind than its inability to be witty except at other people's expense. [...]"

From The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa

It's very interesting book, made up of fragments, that I read on the tube every other day.

Friday, 5 August 2005


has become fashionable, and it is nothing more than a fashion, to believe that the universe is dumb, stupid. That intelligence, values, love and fine feelings reside only within the bag of the human epidermis, and that outside that, the thing is simply a kind of a chaotic, stupid interaction of blind forces, and our intelligence is an unfortunate accident. By some weird freak of evolution we came to be these feeling and rational beings, more or less rational, and this is a ghastly mistake because here we are in a universe that has nothing in common with us, that doesn't share our feelings, has no real interest in us: we're just a sort of cosmic fluke. And therefore, the only hope for mankind is to beat this irrational universe into submission, and conquer it and master it.

Now all this is perfectly idiotic. If you would think that the idea of the universe as being the creation of a benevolent old gentleman, although he's not so benevolent - he takes a sort of "this hurts me more than it's going to hurt you" sort of attitude to things, you can have that on one hand, and if that becomes uncomfortable you can exchange it for its opposite: the idea that the ultimate reality doesn't have any intelligence at all. At least that gets rid of the old bogey in the sky - in exchange for a picture of the world that is completely stupid.

Continues at Deoxy...

Wednesday, 3 August 2005

The visible universe could lie on a membrane floating within a higher-dimensional space.

Physicists may soon be able to detect and verify the existence of reality's extra dimensions, which could extend over distances as large as a millimeter.
All the matter and forces we know of-with the sole exception of gravity-are stuck to a "wall" in the space of the extra dimensions. Electrons, protons, photons and all the other particles in the Standard Model cannot move in the extra dimensions; electric and magnetic field lines cannot spread into higher-dimensional space. The wall has only three dimensions, and so far as these particles are concerned, the universe might as well be three-dimensional. Only gravitational field lines can extend into the higher dimensional space, and only the particle that transmits gravity, the graviton, can travel freely into the extra dimensions. The presence of the extra dimensions can be felt only through gravity.
Particles such as electrons and photons are like tiny lengths of string that each have two end points that must be stuck to a D-brane, Gravitons, on the other hand, are tiny closed loops of string that can wander into all the dimensions because they have no end points anchoring them to a D-brane.
The membranes of other three-dimensional universes could lie parallel to our own, only a millimeter removed from us in the extra dimensions. Similarly, although all the particles in the Standard Model must stick to our own membrane universe, other particles beyond the Standard Model might propagate through the extra dimensions. Far from being empty, the extra dimensions could have a multitude of interesting structures.

From Deoxy

Saturday, 30 July 2005


Good news today!! Just got a letter from CM saying they accepted my application for the tutor training course!! It will be 2 years of part time studies on education, project development and music. That's just what I needed to keep the good vibes!!
Time to read Paulo Freire again!! I enjoyed Pedagogy of the Oppressed. He's sweet and clever. Very nice man.
He reminds me of an old Chinese saying:

Tell me and I forget
Show me and I remember
Involve me and I understand


I'm so exited! Not because I just came back from a fabulous party where I played my favorite tunes for 2 hours. No. I'm exited cos I just got my first bag of Calea Zacatechichi!!! It is a hallucinogenic plant that has been used in Mexican folk medicine since pre-colombian times and it is still employed by the Chontal Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico, to obtain divinatory messages during dreaming. Uuhhuuuu!!!
It increases lucid dreaming during which one accesses a vast hidden realm of insight, imagery and knowledge, enhancing all sensory perceptions producing a feeling of well-being that continues for one or more days.
That sounds like a lot of fun!! I'm off to bed. Bye

Friday, 29 July 2005

Mass Insanity

The shaman seers of the Fourth World generally agree that those who tenaciously cling to the past will fall into mass insanity.John Hogue

Wednesday, 27 July 2005

The sound of silence

Two minute silence to remember bomb victims. Recorded on a bus at King's Cross, central London

Monday, 25 July 2005


If we all worked less for more money, we would have more time to feed our heads with healthy information and everyone would have jobs. The richest don't want us to feed our heads, and we keep on working till we fucking die. Some say we shouldn't work at all. I wouldn't say so, but whatever. We are just considering ifs...

The Abolition of Work
Aphorisms Against Work
Revolt Against Work
The Decline and Fall of Work
The Psychopathology of Work
Zero-Hour Day, Zero-Day Workweek
How Ethical is the Work Ethic
Product is the Excrement of Action

I'm not working enough but it feels good...

Trojan Horse

Jean Charles de Menezes, 27 years old, Brazilian, died in stockwell tube station after police chased him, thinking he was a suicide bomber. 5 fucking shots, Dead. Fucking sources say he was playing a game of chase with a friend, that's why he didn't stop when policemen told him to do so.
Bla bla bla, read more here or here or type into google if you have the time.
Well, loads to talk about this week. Some people asking me if we are going to plan revenge! Hahaha
No, no, no, people. PLAN, SOMETHING BAD, IN THE FUTURE, FOR SOMEONE ELSE is not our style. Even if we started to plan, which I think it's impossible we would soon give up the idea to do something GOOD, FOR OURSELVES, NOW. We would probably buy the drinks for the meeting and end up dancing and drinking till the day after, completely forgetting about revenge.
Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon selling programs in a festival in Victoria Park. Dressed in fluorescent orange, loads of little programs hanging on my neck, I walked for hours, screaming PROGRAMS, 5 POUNDS. A guy gave me a balloon filled with helium. I inhaled it and yelled programs in a very thin voice, characteristic of the gas. Very funny. Try some helium if you have the chance.
Anyway, what was I trying to say? Oh yes... I saw a very big drum, just like those ones people use for capoeira events, but very big. It could fit 30 people in it. I thought to myself: REVENGE!! Hahahaha
Imagine how funny it could be! A Trojan horse from the tropics, full of drunk and horny Brazilians, ready to blow the festival away in the name of the dead Brazilian electrician.
Nah... it was just the Argyria Nervosa doing its job...

Thursday, 21 July 2005

No, it's not that miserable...

I regreat my first post yestarday. I'm sorry, mates!
I'm now a much better person! I identified myself with Helium...

Strindberg and Helium

Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Defence mechanisms

Defence mechanisms are a set of unconscious way to protect one's personality from unpleasant thoughts and realities which may otherwise cause anxiety. The notion of defence mechanism is an integral part of the psychoanalytic theory. Although often described as detrimental and negative ways that an individual deals with overwhelming stressors; these mechanisms can also be applied positively when dealing with conflicts. Used sparingly, they help people face difficult life situations. However, a defence mechanism can also lead to a neurosis if it causes a person to adopt ineffectual or inappropriate coping strategies.


Some lives are constituted only by defense mechanisms? That list scares me a bit. It seems like it. Click on MORE.

Monday, 18 July 2005

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Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Essential Jung

Jung must be the sweetest man of all times. I can't stop reading the selected writings introduced by Anthony Storr called Essential Jung. I tryed to comment on it but everything I wrote sounded rude, vulgar and shallow compared to his work of art. If you have a brain, this is totally necessary.

Essential Jung in U.S.A.
Essential Jung in UK


"This is by far the best introduction to the work and thought of Carl Gustav Jung now available [1983]. I wish it were possible to require that every teacher and critic, cleric and cocktail-party magus who takes the name of Jung upon his tongue should have read Anthony Storr's admirable compilation at least once, for untold misunderstanding and unwarranted assumption would be saved thereby.... Once again, thanks and praise to Anthony Storr, clinical lecturer in psychiatry in the University of Oxford, for a masterly achievement."--Robertson Davies, The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

"This is the best introductory book for the serious reader. Add it to the autobiography and The Freud/Jung Letters and one has the beginning of a lifetime's serious entertainment."--J. D. O'Hara, Virginia Quarterly Review

"A lively and succinct introduction."--The Economist

"A commentary that is admirably clear and unfailingly level in its tone."--The Sunday Times

"Dr. Anthony Storr has undertaken the formidable task of selecting essential extracts from the huge outpouring of Jung. . . . He starts well with a lively and succinct introduction. . . . The book is then neatly compartmentalized into the main stages of Jung's thought."--The Economist


One of my favourite books is Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson. I'm seriously thinking of having a tatoo done in his honor. Maybe: R.A.W.
Not only because of the book but because of his sweet way of talking. When I'm pissed off, sick of larval humans, I play one of my R.A.W. Mp3s and everything seems fine again.
Please try it:
It's free

Saturday, 9 July 2005

Proselitism kills Posted by Picasa

Thursday, 7 July 2005

The perfect man

I dream of the perfect man. He would have a very long thick cock, white, nice and clean and a soft tongue, gentle and constant. He would come to my house, grab me by the hair, throw me on the floor, lick me for 2 minutes and then fuck me for as long as he'd like, better if for long. Then he would quote some weird philosopher in Spanish, French or German and would vanish for a day or two. He would send me a text message saying he would come again but I should forget about what he said last time we met. He would have changed his mind about the the quote. He would promise me a better philosophy next time.
He would become more violent and passionate, deeper and succinct with every encounter, leaving quicker, texting me just once after one or two days, sometimes not even texting me. He would yell by my window, and in rainy days he would kick my door, or knock on it loudly, feeling somewhat between lost and found, eyes of a child and a very very thick cock.

Sunday, 3 July 2005


I have to confess: I don't like Oscar Wilde. Things like ""I can resist anything but temptation" or "A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her" irritates me quite a lot, but he's got his moments, like this one:

"As one reads history, not in the expurgated editions written for schoolboys and passmen, but in the original authorities of each time, one is absolutely sickened, not by the crimes that the wicked have committed, but the punishment that the good have inflicted: and a community is infinitely more brutalised by the habitual employment of punishment than it is by the occasional occurrence of crime"


"Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow"

Nice one, Oscar.

Saturday, 2 July 2005

The potential financial returns from intellectual property are said to provide an incentive for individuals to create. In practice, though, most creators do not actually gain much benefit from intellectual property. Independent inventors are frequently ignored or exploited. When employees of corporations and governments have an idea worth protecting, it is usually copyrighted or patented by the organisation, not the employee. Since intellectual property can be sold, it is usually the rich and powerful who benefit. The rich and powerful, it should be noted, seldom contribute much intellectual labour to the creation of new ideas.

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Thursday, 30 June 2005

Halifax - Money from hell

Building societies came as an alternative to banks and their high interest rates in the 60s and soon became popular among working class people. It's quite a good option for drug dealers, dodgy businessman and all things illegal, and also for people with a bad credit rate. Oops. But... are they safe institutions? According to the Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase & Fable, Halifax is "A Euphemism for 'go to hell'. The coinage probably derives from association with the saying: 'From Hull, Hell and Halifax, Good Lord, deliver us"


The last thing. Eschatology, a branch of Theology, is the study of those phenomena associated with the end of the world. The Eschaton is conceived of as a boundaryless and causeless chaotic attractor that is drawing all space and time deeper into states of novel connection and complexity.
Novelty theory suggests that on December 21 of 2012 AD, at the coincidence of the moment of the solstice and the heliacal rising of the galactic center, levels of planetary novelty will exponentially increase. Theory does not make clear the nature of the ultranovel event, however. Speculation as to the nature of the encounter with the trans-dimensional object at the end of time includes the following:

"Let he who fights with monsters see to it that he does not become a monster himself"

Nietzsche is quite right. Every time I find myself hating those single-minded wankers who inhabit our environment I feel bad. I feel their low frequency lifestyle creeping into my holes, killing my joy de vivre, filling my mental space with useless thoughts, as useless as their little personalities. I see them in a room. They are having a meeting, discussing their morals, taking the piss of every living cell, for the sake of it. No, no, no. It's because they are too scared to do anything. They are scared of life. They see living people as the proof of their incapabilities, by comparison. They wanna feel safe in their own little communal ignorance, so they gather and moan. I don't want them in my mind, but I live in London. They are in my face, all the time. That's my task. Forgive and forget, because when I forget, I remember myself, and then I lose it for the world of joy underneath it. God bless the wonky. They gave me light today, somehow.
Hello mamals!!! Hope you have fun with me, cos I'm enjoying it. How good is to have a little universe to create and destroy everyday! Greeeaaat! Don't take things too seriously, mamals! You've been brainwashed! Don't forget it!
Wet kisses. P