Sunday, 28 August 2005

Maybe is just my imagination,

but some drug users look at me as if I was some kind of puritan, or as if I was secretly condemning them. Bloody hell!! I played around with illegal substances for quite a while, enough to realize their function in my system. I think I don't need them anymore, really. I'm deeply happy without common hard drugs, but if you need them to function in society I would say: DO IT!
If you are miserable, socially shy or anything like it without alcohol, for instance, why should you live badly without it? Found a very illustrating text on deoxy:
I suspect these drug users who clearly avoid being surrounded by healthy people must think the world thinks and acts like they would in the same situation, like the guy who was addicted to coffee. He fought his vice and now preaches that everyone should stop drinking coffee. Screaming looney, annoying people on cafes at breakfast time. I don't get it.
No. I don't care if you take drugs or not. I quite like the company of dysfunctional people. It's much more inspiring than middle-class Phil Collins lovers. Please let me stay!! No, thanks. I don't want a spliff...

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Indigobusiness said...

Excellent point!

The world is a garden of sacred flavors and tastes...some acquired, some declined. It's all medicine, used wisely.

All that's required is respect.