Saturday, 30 May 2009

Playing with the wind

It happened on a full moon. These new state fell on me like a summer rain and impregnated my being despite years and years of serious active conditioning. I was, yes, working for Microsoft, but I did not feel like talking about Apple. Whilst promoting Xbox games I did not mention how great Wii was. Weird. They smiled at me and after a long speech thanking me for all my hard work in these 3 years together they promised me lots of things. Yes, my own console, my own bloody games, my own medals, my own little crew to boss around. I smiled back and thanked them, soon focusing all my attention on the cat playing with a piece of string. I’m not from this world, and now I’m not even subversive anymore. Time to go.

From one hotel to another, from a beautiful view to a picturesque little town, band gigging in the whole of the country, promoted, recommended, tagged, pointed at, life went on like a dream while I stared at ladybugs. It’s been always quite dreamy, but that night at the festival the whole thing went out of control.

My boss: Debbie, I need to speak to you.

Debbie: Me too. Wicked.

My boss: I really like having you here, you know.

Debbie: I’m sorry. I quit.

Leaving a flabbergasted boss behind, I walked slowly but surely towards the green fields, feeling my whole body expand and contract with my breathing, shivers up my spine. I swear I could hear the grass giggle. The breeze felt so good I could not stop walking against it, dancing with it, and the sky was just the way you’re imagining it now. How I love the twilight.

My dance with the breeze took me pass the green fields into the woods where I finally sat down on a stone looking outwards into the festival, happy to be. I could see the flashing lights in the distance and what to me looked like my bosses with their hands on their heads, puzzled, but that bit was probably just my imagination.

Speaking of the devil... Right before my eyes, a purple little being with greenish brown clothes and a funny squeaky voice emerged from a pile of hay, singing, and stared at me as if he knew what I was thinking. I told him I knew he didn’t know what I was thinking, particularly cos I wasn’t thinking about anything. You know if you’re an only child you’ll have the tendency to think people know what you’re thinking but that goes with time. I don’t think people can read my thoughts anymore. Only serious Yogis can catch our thoughts and that little purple being didn’t strike me a serious Yogi. Nothing against purple beings, let me clarify.

He stopped singing (thank fuck) and sat by my side, slightly freaking me out. His skin was rough yet shinny. Really weird. He said he came to congratulate me for what I’ve done, and to welcome me back. Welcome me back?? Back to??

He looked surprised, and asked me if I had not noticed the changes in my life. I told him everything was getting lighter, softer, easier, but that was just the result of my lifestyle. I told him I didn’t feel like subverting things anymore and that was weird, but maybe it was just me getting older. He shook his head in disappointment and fell silent for a while. I kind of lost my patience and felt like shaking him into speaking again, but his skin put me off and I just gave him my Tomb Rider kind of look. Than he spoke:

“I’m not an epiphany Debbie. I’m just a child being who’s happy to welcome you back. I welcome you back into your life. I’m glad to announce you’re officially “growing younger”, skipping will be your new walking, singing and dancing will be your elixir once again, and you should leave this place and play with the wind.”

And so I did.