Sunday, 28 December 2008

Chained Babelfish Translator

Friday, 26 December 2008

Flanger - electronic jazz

I now travel through London with my headphones on and the world seems such a nice place. These guys often make me bang my head against things: Flanger

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YMCK - Japanese 8 bit bossa

Yeah, I'm now some kind of vegetable, mindless clicking away, downloading music until I'm certain I won't have time to listen to it.
I found so much good stuff today, I'm starting to think this mindless clicking has some life and brain of it's own. Here's one of the best finds, from my friend Tak. It's a japanese 8 bit bossa band called YMCK. Hope you like it. Merry Xmas.

Download YMCK's Family Music

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Saturday, 20 December 2008


It's our failure to understand the simplicity of the natural state
that gets us into trouble. No conceptual structure will describe the true
nature of an emotion. We experience it the way we do because we don't
understand its essential nature. Once we do, the emotion tends to

Then we're not repressing the emotion, but neither are we encouraging
it. We are simply looking clearly at what is taking place. If we set a
cloudy glass of water aside for a while, it will settle by itself and
become clear. Instead of judging the experience of desire, we look
directly at its nature, what is known as "liberating it in its own
ground." Then it simply dissolves.

Each negative emotion, or mental poison, has an inherent perfection
that we don't recognize because we are so accustomed to its appearance as
emotion. Just as poison can be taken medicinally to effect a cure, each
poison of the mind, worked with properly, can be transformed to its
wisdom nature and thus enhance our spiritual practice.

If while in the throes of desire, you simply relax, without moving
your attention, that space of the mind is called discriminating wisdom
You don't abandon desire; instead you reveal its wisdom nature.

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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bucky Fuller & his World Game: Intro to Saving Planets

The first World Game was all on paper. It was 1961 when Fuller announced the concept, noting modestly that he’d been doing it since 1927. Although the dense “Fact Books” that got handed out to students were indeed generated by a computer database, for the most part Bucky’s version of the World Game was something students did on paper, using the figures and facts provided.
This is the first element I’d like to update: What facts do you trust? Who are the real authorities? Any thinking human would be suspicious of being handed a document that literally claims to tell you everything that is true about the Earth, whether that document is titled “An Objective Report by a Supercomputer” or “The Holy Bible.” Teaching people the basic source-synthesis methods behind doing their own research should be a logical opening lesson for any World Game. Give kids the tools to build their own picture of the world. Perhaps rather than handing out “world factbooks,” we could hand out blank templates where kids could research and fill in their own data and conclusions.
This is the question Bucky posed to students: “how can we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone?”

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Monday, 15 December 2008

Follow the Little ball

Mike Patton's song for Madonna.

Midlife Crisis - Faith no More

Go on and wring my neck
Like when a rag gets wet
A little discipline
For my pet genius
My head is like lettuce
Go on dig your thumbs in
I cannot stop giving in
I'm thirty-something

Sense of security
Like pockets jingling
Midlife crisis
Suck ingenuity
Down through the family tree

You're perfect, yes, it's true
But without me you're only you (you're only you)
Your menstruating heart
It ain't big enough for two

It's a midlife crisis.. It's a midlife crisis..

What an inheritance
The salt and the dockry
Morbid self attention
Bending my pinky back
A little discipline
A donor by habit
A little discipline
Rent an opinion

Sense of security
Holding blunt instrument
Midlife Crisis
I'm a perfectionist
And perfect is a skinned knee

You're perfect, yes, it's true
But without me you're only you (you're only you)
Your menstruating heart
It ain't big enough for two

ya ya ya ya

It's a midlife crisis...
It's a midlife crisis...

You're perfect, yes, it's true
But without me you're only you (you're only you)
Your menstruating heart
It ain't big enough for two