Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Essential Jung

Jung must be the sweetest man of all times. I can't stop reading the selected writings introduced by Anthony Storr called Essential Jung. I tryed to comment on it but everything I wrote sounded rude, vulgar and shallow compared to his work of art. If you have a brain, this is totally necessary.

Essential Jung in U.S.A.
Essential Jung in UK


"This is by far the best introduction to the work and thought of Carl Gustav Jung now available [1983]. I wish it were possible to require that every teacher and critic, cleric and cocktail-party magus who takes the name of Jung upon his tongue should have read Anthony Storr's admirable compilation at least once, for untold misunderstanding and unwarranted assumption would be saved thereby.... Once again, thanks and praise to Anthony Storr, clinical lecturer in psychiatry in the University of Oxford, for a masterly achievement."--Robertson Davies, The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

"This is the best introductory book for the serious reader. Add it to the autobiography and The Freud/Jung Letters and one has the beginning of a lifetime's serious entertainment."--J. D. O'Hara, Virginia Quarterly Review

"A lively and succinct introduction."--The Economist

"A commentary that is admirably clear and unfailingly level in its tone."--The Sunday Times

"Dr. Anthony Storr has undertaken the formidable task of selecting essential extracts from the huge outpouring of Jung. . . . He starts well with a lively and succinct introduction. . . . The book is then neatly compartmentalized into the main stages of Jung's thought."--The Economist

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I.:.S.:. said...

Anyway, thanks for the little chat and Jung-reading that night. It reminded me of my long-neglected relationship with the Deep-mind, and of the I Ching. I may be back for more.

(and I'm gonna post the sound file of that song on the net as soon as I'm able!)