Monday, 25 July 2005


If we all worked less for more money, we would have more time to feed our heads with healthy information and everyone would have jobs. The richest don't want us to feed our heads, and we keep on working till we fucking die. Some say we shouldn't work at all. I wouldn't say so, but whatever. We are just considering ifs...

The Abolition of Work
Aphorisms Against Work
Revolt Against Work
The Decline and Fall of Work
The Psychopathology of Work
Zero-Hour Day, Zero-Day Workweek
How Ethical is the Work Ethic
Product is the Excrement of Action

I'm not working enough but it feels good...


Ruivão said...

"Desenvolvimento sem trabalho", de Domenico de Masi também é uma boa.

Indigobusiness said...

When work feels like play, it's ok.