Saturday, 30 July 2005


I'm so exited! Not because I just came back from a fabulous party where I played my favorite tunes for 2 hours. No. I'm exited cos I just got my first bag of Calea Zacatechichi!!! It is a hallucinogenic plant that has been used in Mexican folk medicine since pre-colombian times and it is still employed by the Chontal Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico, to obtain divinatory messages during dreaming. Uuhhuuuu!!!
It increases lucid dreaming during which one accesses a vast hidden realm of insight, imagery and knowledge, enhancing all sensory perceptions producing a feeling of well-being that continues for one or more days.
That sounds like a lot of fun!! I'm off to bed. Bye

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resíduodigital said...

bons sonhos!
e obrigado por me apresentar o r.a.w.