Friday, 7 October 2005

Kate Moss

I agree 100% with Oscar Wilde's opinion that "seriousness is the only refugee of the shallow". It would probably be boring to describe here the dumb excuses people around me give in order to get what they want or justify their behaviour, and ever more useless to illustrate Oscar Wilde's quote with real life experiences since if you don't agree with the quote you probably hide yourself behind seriousness and if you agree with it, you know what I'm talking about.

Well, let us comment on Kate Moss cocaine episode. Coked up wankers gather around for one more line of coke, just like most of yuppies in London do on a Friday night. One of them gets a camera phone, film it and send it to another coked up journalist/wanker who collects opinions from all the other coked up bastards who works with him/her and prints all that pile of shit for everyone else to slag her.
Then the main coked up director of S&M decides she is not suitable for the job and some other coked up directors decide to follow.

Next week, drunk lads, coked up journalist, dope heads and all the rest meet up and discuss what she should do, or should have done in order to "sort out her life". haha. Human Beings. Their arses are too far from their eyes...


Nayef said...

You are totally right. I't isn't like she is a doctor. If long as she isn't hurting anyone she should be left alone. All these think they are god or something if you believe he/she exists. One thing I do like about clubs in america is some of them do ban cameras & camphones. I think the one who should be getting charged with a crime is the wanker who took the photo. She should sue his ass for lost wages, and all the stress coming with those photos. Where are her humans rights not to have her name thrown in the mud. I bet Tony Blair is a Coke head to.

Indigobusiness said...

I'm a refugee of the shallows, but I think Oscar was referring to a refuge.