Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Dreamland of Portishead

What is harder? Save the world or choose you favourite Portishead song? I think choosing. Who wants to have a favourite anyway? Who tha fuck came up with this idea in the first place? Favourite... Blah... The concept of favourite irritates me so deeply it makes me hate a once potentially special person just because of this stupid question. What is you favourite type of music? Oh, get lost! I can listen to it all!! Very bad thing to hate cos it seems people are eager to wrap themselves in comfortable labels, as if becoming that favourite thing.

Aaaaaaaanyway, This is a topic for a whole different post. Today I want to talk about Portishead, ladies and gentleman. It can make the most unpalatable human being seems sexy, and it's no good. Haha. But hey, if you're with a real sexy person in your bedroom, put this music on and you'll see. Pure bliss. If you are alone, well, you know what to do, don't ya? To me, this is perfect music. Have a few, cos I could not decide for just one.

Portishead's Musik


La Sirena said...

I hate being asked my favorite -- my mind goes blank, my mouth goes dry. I feel like no matter what I choose I'm being horribly hateful to all of the things I love that I'm not calling my favorite.

And anyway it fluctuates.

Indigobusiness said...

My first reaction was to agree wholeheartedly, thinking:

Why is everything such a bloody competition? It's all good. Red is nothing without green. What's your favorite color? Shuh.

Then, I remembered speaking of faves in my previous comment, in the post below. I've committed the very sin. Such a hypocrite.

Then it occurred to me how this post is also about Portishead being something of a fave of yours, and I felt better. Somewhat redeemed.

I think its more about favorites used as weapons of the trendy, and tools of the narrow-minded.

Indigobusiness said...

Maybe I missed the mark? Maybe this is really about the use of superlatives? Something which really grinds my gears.

It's ironic, I had just found a misplaced song file on my computer. It occurred to me, as I listened to it, that it was something you might like. So, I came here to find you talking music.

Paulette said...

It fluctuates, indeed.

IB, spot on. And yes you are redeemed cos Portishead is... er... my favourite band. Buy hey, let's not take everything to extremes. We all use the word favourite to indicate preferences but it hides the concept of competition, as you said, but obviously we are sleeping when we do it. Life would be too boring, and we would be (very) neurotic if we were to think deeply about every single word we use. Or not. Maybe we're attaching too much value to them words. Or not. But it is an irritating question (and concept), especially when you can't really think of a favourite right away. :)

No, we're not being silly. It's a conspiracy.


Yes, "Its more about favorites used as weapons of the trendy, and tools of the narrow-minded."

Thanks for the song. Is it your today's favourite?


Indigo business said...

I think for today, a Portishead song is my favorite, but I can't choose which.

twit said...

1:defining ourselves
2:separating "
4:get far out man

humpty dumpty said...

That just about caps hen racing - to add humour, bet on your preference being the preference of an unknown rather than your rival's preference, you could win money, making it useful to have favourites. We could pretend we don't want our blogs to be a little special and get loadsa hits 'n comments - maybe you fluctuate between thinking your blog's ace and thinking it's crap like me. Personally I don't do favourites - yer all lurvely 'n gorgeous!