Friday, 2 February 2007

Rejuvenation, mate.

An eagle can live up to 70 years but to reach this age she has a very difficult decision to make. When she reaches 40 she has long flexible claws that can't grab preys, her beak is long and bendy, her wings are too old, her feathers are heavy and she can't fly, so she has two options: die, or face a renovation period lasting 150 painful days.

If she decides to endure, she flies to the top of a mountain and hides in a nest close to a wall where she won't need to fly. She bangs her beak against the wall till it falls, then she waits till a new one grows so she can pull her claws off, and when new claws grow she pulls off her feathers. Ouch. So after 5 months are gone she flies away to live 30 years more.

I thought this was a beautiful analogy for renovation and explains well why I'm tearing my hair out, poking m eyes with a spoon, scratching my limbs with my midi cable, and other painful things, but there is nothing growing back. I'm just red and bleeding.

I decided to do my rejuvenation flight and went to a Soma workshop. It was created by somatherapist, writer and psychologist Roberto Freire in the 60 in Brazil, in the middle of the military regime and explores anarchism and group work. We spent 3 hours jumping out of tables over each other, being pushed and pulled in many fun ways, always secured that our mates would hold us. I really feel more confident and trustworthy after that. I recommend you all to do a Soma workshop if you have the time. After the next session we are going to get a group of people together to play different anarchist games once a week for 12 weeks. If you live in London, write Goia an email and he will send you more information: jorge.goia AT


humpty dumpty said...

Happens to be the Eagles - luck really - i admire that bird so much - what possession of the self! She could check out any time she likes and take on the staff and really leave.. I'll take a look at soma now you've showed me a way to continue to explore. Fly high secretly if they only knew the view..


Paulette said...

I know you live in Bristol but if you can come to London to join us would be great! It is fun and very cathartic! :)

humpty dumpty said...

Thanks Paulette I will check out your lovely free people I will overcome the system unless it treats me like Jack Nicholson he was very much alone I know there are 100's of thousands like me in UK alone.

Vive la revolucion!