Saturday, 3 February 2007

I'm busy, very buzzzzzzy zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

A recent study conducted by the sociology department of Oxford University found out that most people under forty living in London spend 37% of their time telling other people how busy they are. 57% of the sociology department of Oxford University spend 24% of their time telling people they are too busy calculating how long people spend telling people how busy they are, and life goes on.

I decided not to be busy for the whole month of February and it rocks! I'm playing chess for an average 3 hours a day, sitting in my bed and breathing without any intent to meditate or do anything other than breath and sit for about 1 hour, avoiding my computer till I start shivering which takes me about 20 minutes each time, and finally making music, the only thing I'm actually doing. Please don't get jealous. It's a terrible feeling. I'm probably poorer than you if it makes you feel better.

Between one song and another I grabbed one of those magazines that comes with the Sunday newspaper and read an interview with Amy Winehouse. That was the first time I ever heard of her. I had this weird feeling that I, myself, was answering the questions. Every word she said could be mine. That was fucking scary. She's groovy and now that I heard her music I like her even more. Ladies and gentz, Amy Winehouse.

Also, great news: RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE IS BAAAACK!! I can see myself being thrown up and down in a stadium full of people, finally listening to one of the best bands on earth, LIVE! Thanks guys! You can't imagine how happy I am. I love you!! Rrrrraaaaaaaaaaghhbmabakbboagaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!


twit said...

Amy Winehouse is a bit of a musical phenomenon.

She lives every note - perfecly.

She's obviously got quite a retro-aspect too but she's also got a genuine 'fuck you' attitude!

Infectious passion.

Paulette said...

She's amazing!!

mr codeless said...

glad you stumbled across your most excellent doppelgänger :) she's great. be inspired.

La Sirena said...

I'll have to check out Amy Winehouse.

Paula .. you and Oxford are absolutely correct. I came to the conclusion about 6 months ago that at least half of everyone's busy-ness was actually hysteria, and I refuse to be hysterical. So now I have plenty of time to read and think and converse and stuff. (I didn't have much money anyway.)