Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Hypocrisy in the tropics

Every time I come back to Brazil is the same thing. Who shagged whom? Who wants to kiss whom? Kiss, kiss. Shag, shag. Gringos go there and go crazy! Wow, you're very liberated, you Brazilians, hu? No, my dear, we're very stuck in a loop. Everyone thinks about fulfilling his or her immediate needs. No long time planning at all! Food, sex, things that give us instant buzz, ooohh yeah, loads. The thing that bugs me the most is that they talk about sex, they actually have loads of sex but there is a constant taboo and the girls who admit liking it are called sluts and other sweet names. My reaction to it was to move out and avoid sexual relationships with Brazilians. It works. I feel free to yell to the world I have an amazing sexual past, I like sex, but I don't always talk about it. Do I write about sex here? Rarely! It's always on my mind but I make it special. It is the most amazing thing in life and men in England are very aware of that. Brazilians are mostly vulgar, trapped in the social-sexual circuit, blind to the fact that they are prisoners to their own sexuality, and the government loves it!! We have all the resources a country needs to be completely self sufficient, yet we are slaves to U.S.A., fucked in the arse by our politicians due to our complete ignorance and "joy de vivre". Carpe diem, my fellow Brazilians. Enjoy it to the most. Shag while politicians fuck you. I'm here with sex on my mind, feeling the bliss of having, on the top of sex, loads of other concerns, plans and hopes.

I don't know if you know Cicarelli. She's a beautiful model/MTV presenter that recently married/divorced Ronaldo, the fat football player. She was filmed with her new businessman boyfriend on the beach in Spain, kissing and hugging, getting in the water and discreetly shagging him with water up to her waist. The video ended up on youtube and the Brazilians went crazy! They flooded the Internet reaching unprecedented view rates. They left astonishingly rude comments and Cicarelli is now officially a whore in Brazil. She was shagging her BOYFRIEND in Spain, so to the narrow Brazilian minds she is a slut. My first thought when a stupid Brazilian mate sent me the video was, it must be quite uncomfortable to shag under water. My second thought after reading the comments and the articles about the whole public reaction was, THANK GOD I LEFT THAT SHITHOLE! In time, sorry my dearest friends. You are wonderful exceptions. Hope you are surrounded by other exceptions too.

Now the amoebas can't access youtube cos they are not allowed to see the video due to a legal action. Hahahahahahahahahaha
That’s what you get for being so stupid. Twats.

There's a huge amount of morons here too, and they read celebrity news just like them fucking Brazilians, but at least they admit it, they enjoy their mental illness to the full. If you're ill, enjoy your illness. Well done English morons. If you buy certain garments cos such and such wore them just to have a bit of immortality, go for it. Soon more of you are going to realize we are already immortal, and you, I, the Brazilians, are all the same fucking thing.

By the way, this is the video. Sweet little beach shag. Beautiful Cicarelli, hope you had an immense orgasm and that your businessman boyfriend takes you to places, far away from the Brazilian crap. Love (and sex), P


Anonymous said...

Hi Paulette

The video took too long to get to the point but I got a hard on just the way you described it. Sex for me was long ago, long long time - it's quite academic now and that's cool. I avoid the cattle like the ones in Argentina giving us McDonalds and I want to cast my sexual spell onto your post the way you have cast yours - your sex, my sex, very different and hopefully, desirably - respectful.


Paulette said...

Hi Humpty Dumpty!

I'm celibate now, but looking forward to express my fantasies in the future. For now I think we have similar sexual habits. :) Glad you can live without it cos the world seems to be going crazy on sex. I feel so sad to see brazilians going crazy cos they are so special sometimes, as a whole. Really cool people.

Happy new year!

La Sirena said...

I agree. People who talk about sex constantly are boring, unsexy, and usually not worth the effort of getting naked. Since sex is at least 50% brain, you need someone who has something on their mind.

And the intermittent title screens on that video were hilarious cuz they were so dramatic and telenovela about a little romp on the beach.

Anonymous said...

Bonne annee Paulette - most people go nuts about sex and seem more addicted to their overt sex drive than open about tenderness or intimacy.

I care for neither - me and my partner are 'intimates' and she has taught me that sex is one of life's glossy-looking sideshows.

Maybe Brazilians have 'iconographic sex' publicly, yet keep secrets in their hearts only true lovers hear?

Spot the romantic sentiment!



twit said...

To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness.

Bertrand Russell

Paulette said...

"sex is one of life's glossy-looking sideshows" hahaha.
I'll spare some thought on that! :)

"To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness. " - Bertrand Russell

I'll have to think A LOT about this one... :/ Maybe he's right, to a certain extent, but I won't try it with sex.

twit said...

Your post reminded me of that quote.
That's all.

Figure on.