Thursday, 18 January 2007

Virtual insanity

I strongly recommend Second Life. Got there a bit lost but soon found my mates girlfriend and went for a walk with her, sweet creature. Some places look very nice and I even managed to find a meditation place/art gallery where you earn while you sit on sofas. My second life is as easy as my first one. I've got a nice body, a strong name and money. Asked my first second life friend a few questions and we soon agreed (she's Brazilian) that I needed a pussy. She took me to a specialist shop where I bought a highly customizable xoxota for a bargain. Not a wise thing to do on your first day there cos I was still getting used to the controllers and things so trying it out, matching the colours and learning how to hide, show, pee, come and all these things vaginas do was a mission.

I put my clothes on, and she teletransported us two to a beach in Brazil. We strolled around while I played with my new toy, hiding and showing. She gave me a motorcycle and I got stuck with it in a hole. She laughed and asked me if I wanted to go back to the pussy shop to try and match my pussy with my skin colour. Off we went. I forgot to get off the bike before we travelled and got stuck in that motorbike position. So then I was naked, bending with a multicoloured pussy showing, half of my body outside the changing room and slightly embarrassed. My second life started to kick in.

I did what I always suggest to everyone in similar circumstances. Reboot. Restart. We went to an S&M dungeon where I could strap myself to one of those wooden things and focus on my pussy. For a moment I thought that was a good analogy of my situation now but the feeling went, I matched colours and we went shopping and clubbing with my friend. Found truly amazing places and very, very interesting people. I'm a skilful mover now. It is addictive, but I definitely see the point.


twit said...

"..stuck with it in a whole."

A whole what?

A whole lotta trouble?
A whole lotta love?


Indigobusiness said...

Sort of like Zen in reverse.

Lazy said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaaahaaa!!! Ouch!!

(My mum loves your blog, too)

Paulette said...

Thanks for pointing that out Twit. :)

This is a funny one. Mama mia, it was even more hilarious then it seems.

Indigobusiness said...

So, I downloaded this and tried...but I can't move around very well. I took off my clothes, I think...I can't see myself.

People stop by and stare, they make strange gestures and ask me if I'm new. Stare some more...then leave me feeling stupid.

I must be stupid, I can't figure this out at all.

Paulette said...

hahaha, I know what u mean IB. That's why I wrote this post. It is hilarious how stupid one can feel in there. It is worth insisting and learning thou. Today I've been to a costume contest, to a beautiful waterfal and 2 parties. I'm lovin' it.

twit said...

Soundz like your life in 'reality' anyway, Paula.


(I may get around-twit)