Monday, 23 October 2006

Ask me

Yes, that's how I really look like. When I have pictures taken I hold my face straight with little pieces of transparent tape, and tons of make-up on the top. I wear a nice plastic face to go to work. That's why I get so many jobs, I suppose. People like plastic.

My life runs smoothly. Everything is as it should be, and it irritates me. When everything is in "order", I attract different situations. People start talking about train times or what they ate for dinner, and I feel like hanging myself. Is it how it feels to be Swedish? Bang.

I am going to get out of this loop or I'll have to cause a big problem for myself, switch off and make tons of pure music. You laughing? That's how it goes. Ask a musician.


Paulette said...

You are a self-obsessed bitch!!

Indigobusiness said...

The first step of solving a problem is recognizing it exists.

You'll get over your badself, I'll bet.

There's still time.

If not, youll leave a colorful path of devastation in your wake, and that's something.

Paulette said...

Thanks for your kind words Indigo. It just seems that we need chaos to produce beautiful things, and at the moment my life demands organization. I just miss my messed up self and her crazy thoughts.

wish I could blog more but things are just too normal in my little world. Let us read blog ho for now, then.

Indigobusiness said...

BlogHo is navigating a bad patch of his own. He also hears my absurd words and ridiculous advice, but he seems to benefit little. He tells me his specialized opinion of the concerns I express. I understand nearly nothing, but I'm increasingly convinced he really is quite mad.

It seems he isn't fully benefiting from such a fine smoldering madness... he should be payed handsomely for it. That's what I think. But real money paydays are infrequent, often late, and usually in lump sums.

The point is to enjoy the madness, whatever the season. But I won't be telling him this, he called me a robot today, and I'm not sure there's much left to say.

It's scary when you can't get off-center enough to generate the friction of inspired living. Just don't get too comfortably numb.

Carlos Carah said...

hahahaha! eu sou mais ou menos assim também, parece que tacaram fogo na minha cara e apagaram com pauladas.

Paulette said...

"It's scary when you can't get off-center enough to generate the friction of inspired living. Just don't get too comfortably numb." That's my post in tidy up words. haha

Most people don't like advice, especially because we only learn if we live things inside our own brain and it changes our chemical links. There is no other way. Sometimes when we try and "help" people we do the opposite cos the person needs to go through some shit to gain that knowledge. sorry to give you my " specialized opinion of the concerns you express" but I lived it myself and would morbidly love to see what hell produces in blog ho's blog. haha.

I kind of like to listen to other people's view and try to imagine how it would be if I had that link made in my brain, but it is all imagination.

I agree we shoul enjoy madness. Sure. I enjoy everyone's madness. I'm looking forward to the day we call it normal.

Indigobusiness said...

Ho still loves me. Can't fool an old fool.

Most people don't like my advice because it's usually in the form of thinly veiled insults.

Who really is fit to judge madness? Or define it? Sanity is only sanitized madness, I figure.

There's a movie, a collection of shorts by great directors, called Aria. One French segment has the madhouse folk taking over the Opera/Theatre... Good stuff.

I listen only to bad advice.

twit said...

Q. "Do you listen to your own music?"

A. "No ... It was bad enough having to play the shit without having to listen to it."

-John Zorn (composer and sax player)

Paulette said...

"Most people don't like my advice because it's usually in the form of thinly veiled insults."

Cryptic ones, I suppose.

I'm trying to surround myself with cryptic people! It's great! It's like going to Finnland!

Indigobusiness said...

When I indict myself, I don't like to be too blatant.

Otherwise, I'm an open book.

twit said...
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twit said...

# Ahem! #

Lazy said...

Nice wallpaper.