Saturday, 21 February 2009

Light Graffiti created with torches and a camera

By Daily Mail online: An artist has swapped paintbrushes for torches to create a range of stunning works which are created entirely with the use of light. Welsh artist Michael Bosanko creates the amazing light graffiti effect using only five coloured torches and by leaving his digital Canon camera on a long exposure. The 39-year-old has spent the past five years perfecting his art which is created in a similar way to how people write their names with sparklers on Bonfire Night.

Based in Cardiff, he draws most of his light art either in the empty urban night spaces of cities like Newport and his home town, or in the more desolate landscapes of the Brecon Beacons hills. 'I use my torches like an artist would use a paint brush,' says Michael 'I employ an exposure that lasts from ten seconds to one hour and then try to let my art manage to create what I had imagined. 'What I feel I am trying to convey is a sense of an aesthetically pleasing shape that clearly does not belong in that particular place or area.'

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