Monday, 6 August 2007

Six ways to increase intelligence:

Increase the diversity of input (varieties of sensory perceptions)
Increase the diversity of transformations (multiple meanings/interpreations/metaphors)
Increase the diversity of output (expression/application)
Improve the conditions of the physical support systems (body, environment)
Remove or reduce the environmental factors which inhibit intelligence (labels, bureaucracies, etc.)
Increase the environmental factors which support intelligence (trust, communities, unpredictability, communication technologies, etc.)
Bureaucracies are designed to reduce intelligence by limiting information (input) and conditioning pre-defined interpretations of value, authority and procedures (transformations) while increasing obedience and efficiency (output). Fixed hierarchies remain fixed through force (or threat of force = terrorism).

Natural hierarchies reflect the intelligence of a system by constantly changing, emerging and dissipating relative to the needs of specific situations.

Communities are designed to increase intelligence by presenting new information (input), discussing new perspectives (transformations) and offering new actions and tools for sharing, participating and fellowship (output).


twit said...

Groovy, etc ¦:¬|


Paulette said...


Where's your music then?

twit said...

I've got lots of bits & pieces.

Just haven't got around to presenting anything online thus far..
My technical abilities are rather patchy.


I like your stuff but I only really listed you in order to get at least one comment on that post.

So much for that plan ¦:¬I

Paulette said...

Sorry Twit, don't feel like it. But hey, your profile is hilarious. Take my name off it, you bloody liar, and I'll make a comment next week, when I'm back to my cave.

Show us your tunes, mate.

(Blackpool, hu?)

twit said...

I love it when you get masterful with me ¦:¬รพ

But I'm not a 'bloody liar' -not regarding your music anyway.
I've listened to it a lot over this last year.. & really like some of it.

(I don't refer to what I've done as 'tunes' but I may get around..)

Yeah, Blackpool! - The neon turd of the north..