Friday, 17 August 2007

"The Matrix" on the news


Indigobusiness said...

This idea haunted me as a kid.

The question:

If we are virtually puppets, who and what are the puppetmasters, and is it possible they are puppets, ad infinitum?

A fractal, holographic Matrix would explain a lot of things.

La Sirena said...

Can we not think of a more creative structure than this planet with these rules at this time? The overwhelming amount of paperwork by itself demonstrates a very real lack of taste and talent on the part of the game designer.

Game designers seem to symbolize another god for today's techno-savy concrete thinker.

Oh, the e-prime challenges me, as well. Thanks for the tip!

La Sirena said...

I fucked it up with "can", though.

Indigobusiness said...

Sirena- Paperwork is neither a creation of, nor reflection on, the taste or talent of any conceptualized designer, but the designed.

Style is not substance.

Spinoza must be spinning.

Lazy said...

85 per cent of statistics are completely pulled out of someone's ass

the big illusion. is it true or is it not?

are metaphors real?