Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Safe Now



Lx said...

why not?
i think
i'm fast enough
to outrun the flames.

Indigobusiness said...

If you run, do not set yourself on fire.

Safety is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

fishing rod to sea horse

you read me?

wave if you read me.

i'm on double decker route 12


grinding inspector detector projector

chief sector

issues fine

just before my stop

glare blair

and down brown

wait for you at top


no seriously, your blog is amazingly interesting.


Paulette said...

You are equally interesting, A.

Anonymous said...

Not anymore, not if you say so, hate to love those whom i hate. i dont hate, just stop loving them, which is probable worsening actuarial burial no 3 of tequila masquaradas alla tortilla del fuego, dio can come fila la Berta unter den linten.

Blog me blog me, say that you blog me, read me read me, go on and read me,
i cant stand anything about you.

chorus:('bout you, 'bout you)

A (actually M>)

Paulette said...


I hate your versions...