Tuesday, 14 November 2006

50p? No, thanks.

I share my bandwidth with my lovely housemates, but sometimes the modem crashes, and it is locked in the office, and I don't have the key so fuck it. Got myself a nice cable internet for a reasonable price. They are coming next week! Pretty quick! The cable internet lady offered me cable TV for only 50p more and I said NO really loud. TV is not worth 50p! I love that it rhymes...


twit said...

Hey!! If it wasn't for TV, I would have no idea what to say or how to behave with people! (I would also have no blog).

You should watch more TV!

(You should also s** ** ** ***e but that's another story:)


twit said...

I'm sorry; I have one-too-many drinks & I get a bit lewd (even if it is *****ed out, it's still ****).

Please feel free to punish me by not commenting on my blog as often as you do :¬|

Paulette said...

I find it really hard to comment on your blog, really.

twit said...

I don't mind really, Paula. I was just being facetious.

I would rather you said nothing than forced something in order to be polite or whatever. I drift into doing that myself sometimes & I hate myself for it.

Paulette said...

No no no no no, not at all!
I really wanted to tell u that!

Also, it's been hard for me to write anywhere. Wish I could give this blog of mine a bit more attention, and maybe read other blogs everyday but I'm obssessed with the new macbook so I decided to work my ass off, pay off my credit card and buy my new mac. Seems that I'm getting it next week!! wahey!

I'm a selfish bastard.

Thanks for commenting so much in my non-existent blog.

twit said...

You are a selfish bastard.
I hate you.

You really shouldn't encourage me.
Blogs are rubbish anyway. Everyone knows that. You're just showing off because you've got a life in the real world 'n' stuff.

Macs eh?
I've got a dark brown overcoat; does that count?