Monday, 21 August 2006

Politics and history

If you ever hear a fellow student say, "I'm not turned on politics," give that student a history book, because if you don't turn on politics, down to the air you breathe, the water you drink, the racial profiling you detest, the health insurance many people don't have, and on and on. If you don't turn on politics, politics will turn on you in very disagreeable ways. - Ralph Nader, On The Stump

Right. Columbus, stupid example, named the natives of America Indians cos he thought he was landing in India. Whatta? We still call people from 2 different continents by the same name cos fucking Columbus said so!? Well done! haha.

Eddie Izzard said he only fancies women who are able to discuss politics. Fuck. Me and Mike got a bus to Dublin to see his gig last Friday. All the way to Ireland to see him! Yes, I love him. Waiting at the airpot on the way back (coach back is too much), dizzy, still laughing, I asked Mike to train me to discuss politics in case I meet Eddie somewhere. After a useless attempt to be outspoken I ended up claiming I support New Labour by accident. I don't know what I'm doing. Well, I won't shagg him anyway. I know it.

By the end of our conversation I asked Mike: do you honestly think all of us should know our history? Should we spend a considerable amount of time reading about politics? He said yes, we all should know our history. Ok. So you think the average person can by pass the bollox and retain the useful information? Do you think the average person benefits from our history made in Europe? hahaha. Wake them up first! They are asleep! History has been told as some want it to be read.

I just don't get it. Do you think the information available to you is any close to "reality"? If you tell me you take pleasure in collecting pieces of a puzzle you won't solve cos it gives you a sense of... umm... being in control I will understand but won't comprehend, or the other way round, not sure.

Maybe you are one of those who believe we should know our past so we can do something, can't remember, with the future. I just think you are anal fuckers and you should definitely cut down the amount of alcohol you consume. Also, I recommend you form little communities, 15 people or maybe more, and create your own politics. Take care of those around you, that's my politics. I read about the world politics, yes, but always sure there's something else that is not being said that changes the whole thing. I read it as if it was a very realistic fairy tale. Stop me if I'm wrong.

Let's protest agains all that's wrong. Today! But bear in mind we're not as well informed as we think we are, and even if we were, our information can't stop the war. Can we stop it? Why is it happening, hey you, reading politics? Stop it!

I think we should know ourselves first. Nothing can stop us, aware.


Fuck You Google said...

Haha, that was funny about Columbus.

I've never thought of that before.

Lazy said...

shag me or eddie izzard?

i look pretty in drag too you know

Lazy said...

That makes your politics anarcho-syndicalist, beautiful.

"Maybe you are one of those who believe we should know our past so we can do something, can't remember, with the future. I just think you are anal fuckers and you should definitely cut down the amount of alcohol you consume."

I take exception to that. I think it's unfair. Besides, you know my drug preferences.


I love you Paula. I couldn't have done this week without all the messages and energy people sent, and you best of all. On Saturday night, Paula called me to bid friendly farewell to the old Mike. Hahaa!

Paula: I'm gonna Google myself
Me: Can I watch?

Hahaa! Keep living lucky. Good luck with the llc.

Indigobusiness said...

Absolutely...I'm fairly knackered by politics. Bollocks the bullshit dynamic, I say!

But I probabably said it wrong. I'm as weary of my own vernacular as I am with the dishonest bargaining known as politics. So, I mangle the ones I admire.

Politics is the active rewriting of History in flux. History is written by the victors, they say, but the only version worth noting is the version of the vanquished.

Columbus thought he was a victor, but he was a bozo. His idea of reality had him fearing the edge of the world, while hoping he was right. I can relate to that. But reality has nothing to do with rational conclusions. It is a gestalt, at best.

Until we collectively find the lateral gear that shifts us into the paradigm beyond selfishness, we will be pawns in our political folly...and our spectacular potential will be squandered.

Lazy said...

As in Orwell:

He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.

I used to dream of a job like Winston's in 1984, re-writing histories in a totalitarian absolutist state.

I didn't know what to say more than 'vaguely mindblowing'. 'Fuckin weird'?

Indigobusiness said...

Orwell knew of what he warned against.

He also said serious sports were a form of war.

It's a shame how we increasingly ignore our guides, and take them for granted.

Had Lewis and Clark been so unwise, they would never have even made it to Montana.

I'm seriously considering Anarcho-syndicalism.

I.:.S.:. said...

I put photos of the Dublin trip on the realgem blog, timestamped same time we went, last week 18-19 aug, a week and a life-time away for mikey...

history helps me understand why brazilians are like brazilians, why irish are like irish, why afghans are like afghans. and it even helps me learn their languages. it's a framework i can use to store information. it's a matrix... some sort of quantum system.

RAW said the study of conspiracy theories (hidden history?) and quantum mechanics are the best ways to develop the ability to deal with the unexpected, the chaotic, i forget the word he used... the indefinite and the blurry...

Paulette said...

Well said. Please have a beer.

Paulette said...

"Columbus thought he was a victor, but he was a bozo." hahahaha... you write really well, Indigo.

Indigobusiness said...

You laugh really well.

Lazy said...

"Well said. Please have a beer."

No thanks. You can pass me that joint, though.