Saturday, 10 June 2006

St. George's Cross

I live in a island of my own when it comes to the last futile polemics, even though I read a few papers everyday. I kind of noticed there is a St. George's Cross issue going on at the moment but every time I tried to read those articles I felt amazingly sleepy and moved on.
Yesterday, on the way to our first gig, i asked the guys in the band to explain me what was really happening. No, I shouldn't have asked. Ignorance is bliss. Whatta fuck?? They wanted to ban the use of the english flag cos it has fascist connotations? Blind me. Whatta fucking situation you got yourself into, hu? Can't use your flag anymore? haha. If you only kepf your mouth shut, some of us wouldn't have noticed the "fascist connotations" mate. To me, that red cross is the English fucking flag and so it is, no? A group of fuckers adopted the English flag to represent their "movement" and now you can't support your team? That's insane. Would someone explain me what is really happening? Can't be that...


twit said...

I know what you mean. I saw an English guy on TV saying how he felt "uncomfortable" & "uneasy" with all these English flags around. I was screaming at the TV -"you pathetic middle-class overly-PC, nanny-state prick!!" etc. For gods sake people, it's only about supporting a football team, it's not a friggin' racist march! Jeez.. these people want to sterilise everything to death.

Personally football does little for me but let the masses have their fun I say.

Mr Mike Anderson said...

It's a St George's cross. St George was Palestinian. He killed a dragon. The Palestinians could use him now. No one celebrates St George's day. Maybe they should give him back to the Palestinians. Well, in Spain they do. Here they celebrate St Patrick's day. St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland and invented Guiness. He's the patron saint of Ireland.

That red cross is also the Templar cross from the Crusades. It makes Muslims with a sense of history uncomfortable. And the Templars... the Templars... why don't you write about the templars?

It's all about English middle-class self-loathing. You're right, you shouldn't have asked.

I.:.S.:. said...

you have to understand that in a way it is also a new phenomenon, favouring english flags over union flags, the english loudly being english instead of british.