Monday, 19 October 2009

Ask a Bald Scottish Lunatic

"...and they explained to me what time is all about: the Universe we live in is designed to grow larvae, right? They explained to me that, beyond space and time, we have our actual selves. These things that we’re experiencing right now are sections through time. Everyone in here is a section through time, but in actual fact, you’re not experiencing your real body.

What is your real body? Your real body is a process, it starts when you’re born and it moves forward until you die. That is you, seen from look like a giant centipede. Think of “ourselves” as processes through time, that’s what we actually are. We all know we were 12, but where is that? Point to it. Show me!

So these things said to me, “This is whats going on. We use time to grow larvae, because outside of space and time, you can’t grow anything. It’s timeless. If you want to make one of these higher dimensional beings—which is actually one of us, already—is you grow it in time. So, you make a Universe.”

And how you make a Universe is that you plug a little bit of yourself into the information world that they live in—which is what I seemed to be experiencing, a sea of pure information."

From Grant Morrison’s classic genius freak-out at the 2000 DisInfo Convention


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I.:.S.:. said...

that is more or less how the space things from tralfamadore saw people, as sort of centipede things through time...