Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Going for Goldie

By Tom Service:
I always knew it was true - it just took Goldie to confirm it. Classical music and drum'n'bass are musical brothers in arms. As he told the Telegraph: "Drum'n'bass has always been a misunderstood genre. It has always put outsiders off. Unless you're a specialist, you think it's not for you. And classical is the same." Goldie is one of the participants in the BBC's Maestro, a sort of Strictly Come Conducting, in which "celebrities" (well, Sue Perkins, Peter Snow, and other denizens of the not-quite A-list - David Soul, Bradley Walsh, Jane Asher, Katie Derham) compete for a slot to conduct in one of the Proms in the Park events that are part of the Last Night celebrations.

Why I hope Goldie wins Maestro - The junglist-turned-apprentice conductor is onto something when he says that drum'n'bass is as misunderstood as classical music - Guardian Blog

Watch the BBC program

And Goldie's final performance:

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