Thursday, 31 July 2008


by David Wilcock

As we are entering into the second to last Jupiter - Saturn conjunction before the end, the increase in the fourth - dimensional streamings of energy from the Sun as it prepares to "exhale" should be enough to open a dimensional vortex for those people who are vibrationally capable of handling it. Indeed, the Ra Material states that we are already in the fourth density vibrational level now, but people are not able to focus into it because of the planetary vibrations. This 1999 cycle will blow it open.

But, even as the Ascension happens, we get the beginning of the Pole Shifts, as apparently this is part of the consequence of the increasing frequency; it literally shatters the slower frequencies apart that cannot handle the faster vibrational speeds. This vibrational stress manifests in the Earth as heat, which causes such things as El Nino, volcanoes, flooding and earthquakes, and it manifests as great mental stress and karmic tension in the unprepared human. It is the last two cycles where all of the very major clearing has to be done.

We can already see the geometric increase in Earth Change activities in the last 20 years, and we must now realize that we are about to have another increase at just as high a degree as the one that started the present season in 1979. Many sources state unequivocably that there will simply not be an inhabited third - dimensional planet after the Ascension, as those recently ascended to the Fourth will not have yet learned the full secrets of how to camouflage themselves from the third; this could be very injurious to both parties. Thus, by 2039, our present living space will be wiped clean.

We can now see that the ascension itself starts in 1999, and those Ascended have to come back in 2039, skipping the years where the cleansing takes place. This could be accomplished by those individuals' spiritual essences traveling at near - light speed for a short time, and through the time - speeding effect of relativity, Earth time whizzes by at great speed, just long enough to make the intervening forty years pass. They are put back down on Earth in 2039, after all the storms, arthquakes and Earth

Changes have completed. This is what the Pyramid was indicating; a direct link between the "Final establishment of a separate and unique society based totally on allegiance to the Spiritual" in 1999 and "the mass incarnation of the Messianic presence in the Earth Planes" in 2039.

Indeed, I believe that the Mayan Calendar is designed in such a way that the actual nastiness associated with the pole shift is entirely complete before the full dimensional shift itself actually occurs. Thus, what we will have is a discrete increase in the degree of fourth - density vibrations in 1999 - 2000 which will be strong enough to catapult some people out, and they would be unable to Ascend into the Earth Planes until the third dimension was "clear," which should take the forty years to complete. So during that time, we can expect the Mad Max types of scenarios for those who have not yet Ascended, in the process of the clearing. Indeed, the Pyramid's chronology indicates just this fact; the total collapse of materialist society. [This same chronology incidentally targeted the Nov. 27, 1985 closest Earth approach of Halley's Comet to within three days of accuracy; the Pyramid states, "30 Nov 1985: Powerful spiritual influences start to irradiate the enlightened." Those powerful influences were obviously brought in by the comet, with the explosion of the Space Shuttle and Glasnost with the USSR soon afterwards.]



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