Sunday, 13 April 2008

Big flying paradox

Man, when you’ve got stuff to do... Ah, I’ve got stuff to do but it is soooo hard to concentrate. Man, when you have stuff to do the world blooms in all its exquisiteness! Like now! Sooo many interesting things happening and I have to be here, doing my final project for this module at uni, talking codes, writing long reports, making a website, so considerate, thinking of elderly users. Aaaahh! All blossoms!

Paradoxes everywhere! It’s quite a good technique. If you want to make your life very very exciting get yourself a huge commitment. A massively boring one too. Instantly that special someone you always fancied will get in touch and suggest you two meet this week, a fantastic musician will write you a message asking you to collaborate on this magical piece, but it has to be now, your best mate needs your advice on what to do about this astonishingly intricate situation that makes you smile but takes 2 hours to be briefly touched on its slimy surface, your lemon detox + Chi Kung starts to produce a deep effect and you suddenly feel like climbing trees, your mailbox is flooded with the most amazing videos of new scientific discoveries that will change human reality forever and you… you need to concentrate.


And when you hand your project in, when you’re not committed to it anymore, everything is cold withering sarcasm, nobody is available, your computer crashes.

Like my granddad used to say, if you want something done, do it yourself or ask a busy person.

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Zoro said...

Ahhhh - Bisto!