Friday, 21 December 2007


Twit said...

Stranger than friction.

Neighbours eh?
Who'd have 'em?

I'm listening to your tunes tonight.
It feels right.

Have a Meffy Sex Mouse.

& B Gud.

Zoro said...

Alan was a god in my eyes way back and the story about his death remains as poignant as the first time I read it. People do not refer to him frequently and I am grateful for being able to see your post.


Indigobusiness said...

***Happy New Year***, Paula.

Your sort of peculiar spirit gives me hope in such dire worldly circumstance.

Keep doing what you do, sharpening your edge, and our kind just might have a chance.

With folks like Alan as a guide...we might just prosper.

This coming year looks to be a doozy...strap yourself in.

Paulette said...

Just found it! :)