Thursday, 18 May 2006

Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot

I'm reading this wonderful book called Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot by Richard Restak. It basically teaches us how to be smarter, "boosting our brain's cognitive performance by increasing alertness, concentration, memory, problem-solving ability, mental endurance and much more" with practical advices and 28 great examples of very simple exercises to improve our grey matter.

In one chapter Dr. Restak explains how our brain develop linkages when we associate things and says the more we link different things, the more we think clearly, better, more efficiently, outside the box. Ok, we knew that. But an interesting way to create new links is to think about two seemingly unrelated objects or things and link them somehow in a story, creating then new connections in the brain. His example is interesting but I'm feeling too lazy to describe it. Go buy the book and read it.

Another exercise suggested in that same chapter is to write random thoughts with as little conscious control as possible. He asks us to vomit words, than analyze your connections, tracking your thoughts, creating a brain map. Ok, your read Finnegans Wake and this is all very old to you. Fine. I wrote random thoughts a few times and the text below was my first try.

That building is a recollection of mysteries, renegade, hats in the wind and we live not knowing, but tomorrow will awake our fridges and laces to the point of exhaustion.
I recommend love but life keeps leaving me alone till I agree with you, subversive twat, enchants me with your malice and childlikeness in the rain, rather, in the drizzle, under it, over my thought that seems boring for somebody who wants to spit the world unfair, you stink. I'd rather be home, but I am so I cry, since my days are yet to come and I'm falling from the edge, the end of the flat board of wisdoms, shallowisms and hypocrisy.
Two oranges and a violin. He told me to make sounds, play instruments for tomorrow we'll be in a room together, making songs and singing sadness. Ideas of grandeur come to my head and I feel bad for screwing up the vibe. What?? I said tomorrow!! You never know what the day will bring, lady of the dead, princess without a castle, without a name, without.
I admire you, me, for we are strong and willing to be more and more each day. I won't let me bitter down the road, eating bread all day long, with coffee, alone. I don't like it.

I really tried to write randomly but it came out so neat! I don't know. Maybe I should snort a line of K and try again. Write your own random shit here if you feel like it. It's fun, and gives you insights on how your brain works. And then, change it!


Anonymous said...

here is a random one (i have been producing them recently out of despair):

From inside the bunker, the outside world looks great,
You complain about the weather and the lottery tickets,
You may not like it, it may not suit you, but this is essentially how we did it.
If I write something philosophical and profound,
It will certainly have no impact whatsoever,
Whereas if you do, it will find many out there ready to relate.
You think it really is as portrayed in the “pendulum”,
But I’m telling you, like it is with the elements,
Hierarchies are only postulated, they do not exist in themselves.
How tempting is it to begin to arrange strings of words to create a new truth,
How tempting is it to begin to believe that you are yet another reluctant messiah,
How tempting is it to begin to let go.
Ask him, he’ll tell you that a circle’s diameter and its circumference explain the cosmos.
Ask her, she’ll tell you that her womb and the foetus inside it explain the cosmos.
Ask “it”, it’ll tell you that the manifestation of hell in its most potent form explain the cosmos.
Ask them, they’ll tell you that you are only one and that they all together explain the cosmos.
Ask yourself…Ah! Now that’s tricky…Can you lie? Can you deny? Can you comply?
Ask me, I’ll tell you that there is nothing to explain, it simply is until it shall cease to be.
Welcome to the future that we have carefully and meticulously crafted for you,
You may not like it, it may not suit you, but this is essentially how we did it.
You may complain about the weather and the lottery tickets,
But from inside the bunker the outside world looks great.

Indigobusiness said...

Mikey will soon point out: There's no apostrophe in Finnegans Wake.

Anonymous said...

Unenlightenable timewasters

But what if it doesn’t happen? I ask,

Without essence nothing stands,

Without love there is no essence,

Without love nothing stands,

The single most important thing in life, you say,

Is to be screwed up and not just screwed!

Splendid! I say, (but something tells me you meant: Sex)

Beyond the obvious, though,

You looking forward to its demolition.

Particles do not love, I argue,

Whats love if not cohesion?

We are the particles of our world…I conclude,

Without cohesion we will terminate,

…Nah, this is esoteric crap,

I’m so anxious to hear the truth,

The real world?

Yeah, should you ever get there…

hugo said...

Não vou fazer nenhum link apenas dizer que encontri e seu blog e gostei. Como está seu português?
Claro que cheguei aqui pois vi um post teu sobre os rainbow warriors.
Se quiser passe lá pelo meu espaçinho.


Carlos Carah said...

é, quanto aos livros que te dei. nunca nem tocou neles...


Indigobusiness said...

I bought the book.

I've decided to read it randomly.

Lazy said...

roberto cappuccino clears his nose, a globe of phlegm lies quivering in the dust. it crawls off like a slug while we discuss hindu philosophy. god, i miss the tropics. god, i miss the burning sun. i was only ever meant to stay in london two weeks. i need to talk to you soon. there are things we only know half of each and we have to match the halves. i went to jail for you. bitch. i love you. i cheated. i can't stop thinking. i can't win. dominos. dust to dust. what a stupid game. the angle of the light is wrong here. thank god for the sun.

So what now? My thoughts are no clearer than before.