Wednesday, 1 February 2006


It's 8 in the morning, bloody cold outside. Carrying my 'The Time Traveler's Wife' I walk down the steps with sparks in my eyes. Love.
I wonder if anyone is awake. I don't think so. It's too early and I remember last night noisy mission of building a shower where the bogs are. They stayed up till late mixing cement, fitting pipes. Anyway, as I walk down the stairs I meet K. 'Good morning!' 'Good morning.' (I'm the one with the exclamation mark). 5 seconds of silence. She works in a bookshop now, so I show her my book, asking if she likes it. She says, 'Oh, there's loads of books like that in the market now. I don't like this kind of books.'
I sigh. And smile. K loves putting things into boxes. I'm glad she works in a bookshop now. She can organize all books into sections, as if they belonged somewhere specific, as if everything is under control. Bless her.

No, this was not the most interesting thing in my electric day. I went to a swimming pool after work. There's a lot of room for fuck ups in a leisure centre. Ha ha. After liters of water sneaking into my holes I decided to swim backwards, with my head above the water. It works. I'm going to buy my Speedo kit and come back there more prepared for the task. 1 hour swimming, 30 minutes in the sauna and the world seemed different. It was brighter, my body alert and ashamed of lighting up a cigarette. That's the start of a healthier chapter of my life in Old Street.

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